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I signed up to Skillshare as a free trial.

The day BEFORE my trial was supposed to finish I got the email from them thanking me to Premium.

Naturally, I was confused. It's normal for organizations to provide free trials in hopes you like the item enough to really pay for it. What is not normal is for your enterprise to LIE to you and charge you the day before the free trial is supposed to even end, in effect frees you and then quitting your money. I was mad.

I looked online and following 30 minutes of digging I found a phone number for your company (Red flag, exactly what valid company doesn't have an easily accessible customer service number?) . I called that number and it went directly to voicemail. The voice on the voicemail sounded like some stoned college child, complete with "ums" and "likes"(Red flag Number two). Now I was freaking out cause most of these experiences were leading me to believe this actually was a scam. The only option left to me was to write them an email via their website. This was over 3 months ago, and I have yet to have a response.

I am appalled at the way that they handle company (by tricking their customers, then ignoring their concerns). They stole my cash without any warning and are now unreachable.

I moved back on their site as well as their advertising for Premium is really a lie. It clearly states that your Premium accounts is cancelable at anytime. What they actually mean is you can cancel it so it will not renew at the next billing cycle (which will be an entire year!!) . They Improve Your Photography Skills with Skillshare - FilterGrade are crooks. If their content were any good, I'd have happily continued using their services, but all their movies are things I could locate on YouTube or alternative places at no cost. The one thing that I am do now is save other people the hassle.

DO NOT sign up for your free trial. If you do a bit more research you'll find a multitude of different reviews like mine.

Go into or even YouTube. Please, do not make the same mistake I did, and stay away!!

I composed Skillshare one final time, also it feels like in the previous 4 weeks they've really upped their client support match. I obtained a same-day response apologizing for my prior experience and having an offer to refund me all of my money. This gesture was more than I anticipated, and I am thankful to know that people do actually work at this company, and it appears they're listening to the negative reviews and attempting to create a much better company. I still have a sour taste in my mouth, but I really feel as though after they ended up giving me my cash back I must update my review and give them more than one star.

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